‘Old Lady’ Not Over time Partying, Immediate Focus to Madrid

‘Old Lady’ Not Over time Partying, Immediate Focus to Madrid

'Old Lady' Not Over time Partying, Immediate Focus to Madrid

Genoa – fourth successive Scudetto to Juventus called because it has a different flavor achieved together allenatore Massimiliano Allegri. Joy and relief, but Juve did not want to dissolve the party.

The victory at Sampdoria in the party headquarters giornata 34 is enough for Juve to secure the Scudetto this season, continued success during the previous three seasons.

This is the first Serie A title with Juventus after three previous Allegri achieved with Antonio Conte – who now handles the Italian national team.

Allegri’s own arrival initially received a cool reception from the fans Juve, making this season the Turin club begins with a step that is less conducive.

“It’s amazing how this feels wonderful Scudetto because we started with the protest (from fans) and also separation can be very hurt us,” said Juve defender Leonardo Bonucci told Sky Sport Italia and quoted by Football Italia.

“But in the process we immediately redirect the focus to the right place and working hard since the first day to help coach Allegri. This title feels different because we start out with a less good atmosphere. We get a coach who is not unexpected, but we as players have been successfully helping the coach. ”

“With smart he is polish our mentality and maintain a system that already we used before slowly making changes. The team is now more convenient to maintain and control the ball, play beautiful football. I think that’s the difference,” said Bonucci.

In addition to the title of Serie A, Juve this season also still have a chance to win the Coppa Italia and the Champions League. Lazio in the Coppa Italia live to be faced in the final on June 7 while in the Champions League there are Real Madrid will begin facing the middle of the week in the two-leg semi-final party.

“Now we have reached our target one of the three, but we had to immediately divert a shot to Real Madrid on Tuesday so that we could make this season so it is not forgotten,” said Bonucci.