Allegri Refining Works Conte

Allegri Refining Works Conte

Allegri Refining Works Conte

Madrid – Massimiliano Allegri assessed not only managed to continue the work of Antonio Conte, Juventus, but also managed to improve it.

Conte did a brilliant job for the coach of Juventus. With him, Juventus won the Scudetto success for three consecutive seasons, from 2012 to 2014.

When he decided to resign, Allegri is believed to be his successor. Initially, the appointment as coach Allegri was opposed by some supporters of Juventus. The reason is simple, Allegri previously dismissed from his position as coach of AC Milan due to the poor performance of the club.

However, Allegri prove that he was able to continue and sustain the achievement of Conte. Together Allegri, Juventus won the Scudetto in 2015, making them won it for four years in a row.

Allegri is believed to have perfected Conte job. If Conte slowly build a solid squad, Allegri perfected through tactics and strategy approach.

In contrast to the saklek Conte, Allegri could be a compromise in tactics and strategy. Not infrequently Allegri switch tactics and strategies to adjust to the opponent. For him, winning 1-0 and playing defense is not something taboo origin Juventus can achieve good results consistently.

As a result, Allegri successfully brought Juventus cruised into the Champions League final and a chance to win the treble this season. Even Conte once always failed to bring Juventus advance to the top of Champions League.

“Congratulations for Allegri. With the acceleration of Juventus to the Champions League final, he has perfected Conte job in recent years,” said the former Juventus coach, Marcello Lippi, in the Italian Football.

Allegri expertise in adjusting tactics and strategies are also recognized by the Juventus left-back Patrice Evra. According to him, Allegri always give a “menu” of different.

“Allegri deserves a lot of praise, he always changing menu which I mean, who is the formation,” said Evra.

“We’ll see a menu let alone that he provided to the final in Berlin.”