Problem Sterling, England Footballers Association Leave it to Liverpool

Problem Sterling, England Footballers Association Leave it to Liverpool

Problem Sterling, England Footballers Association Leave it to Liverpool

London – England’s Professional Footballers Association (PFA) will not take action on the controversy Raheem Sterling. They turn the matter over to the club Sterling, Liverpool, which is believed to be looking for the best solution for the players.

Lately Sterling are familiar with the various things smell controversy, starting from his refusal to offer a new contract from Liverpool worth 100 thousand pounds per week, he called not big enough.

Then last week he was being photographed shisha and the latest emerging video where Sterling caught drunk middle after inhaling Nitrous Oxide, which is the laughing gas and used in anesthesia and numbing in the medical world.

Naturally, with a row of this controversy, the future of Sterling in Liverpool are increasingly speculated where he reportedly will be sold in the summer.

Not only that action is considered to have finished Sterling bad example for young people, especially footballers in England and called deserve punishment from the FA and PFA as an association that houses Sterling.

However, PFA Deputy Chief Executive Bobby Barnes insists his side will not take any action because assess Sterling issue today is the area of ​​Liverpool, who have greater authority to take action.

“I think the situation is clearly not wanted by anyone,” Barnes said as quoted by Sky Sports.

“But at the same time remains to this so the learning process and he was not involved in criminal acts. Yes, this is not ideal but he is a great club, he had the right people around him. I do not doubt that Brendan (Rodgers) will embrace and remind Sterling about responsibility, “he continued.

“I believe that in the future this will be seen as a minor annoyance in his career. Whether or not a player that always be an example and he has done something that I think do not want to be repeated by him.”

“He is a young man who grew up in the public eye and every step is always caught on camera, video, and I think this could be learning to Raheem, that he should be keeping an attitude and be careful this time.”

“This could be a lesson for him and I’m sure this will be an important warning that he was to be highlighted at this time,” said he.