Go through the transition MU Weight

Go through the transition MU Weight

Go through the transition MU Weight

Jakarta – Andy Cole pleaded not surprised by the difficulties experienced by Manchester United after the death of Sir Alex Ferguson. According to him, MU is currently midway through a tough transition.

Sir Alex, who coached MU since 1986, retired in 2013 ago. Men Scottish success makes the Red Devils as one of the best clubs in the world championship trophy wallow.

Position Sir Alex later replaced by David Moyes. But, under Moyes, Manchester United battered and unable to compete in the Premier League. Seventh in the final standings last season, is a reflection of the failure of Moyes.

Moyes then fired and Louis van Gaal came as his successor. Although Van Gaal has a record of success in various teams before he signed, he was not directly managed to return to the top flight MU. Manchester’s performance is still likely to go up and down, although this time they were in the top four zones.

According to Cole, lost figure as important as Sir Alex is not easy for United. The process was so not a smooth transition.

“I’m not surprised. When you’ve got a manager who has worked for 25 years, then the situation changes, new things coming, different ideas. People come up with a different idea. It was very heavy. Last season was very heavy , “Cole said in an interview with several media, including detikSport, in Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (03/06/2015).

“This season another new manager, new ideas again. The situation was so heavy anymore,” added the former Chelsea striker.

Van Gaal has been criticized because often apply the formation of “unusual” at MU and put some players out of its original position. Related Van Gaal, Cole also has its own assessment.

“I honestly do not really know him. He had a very good record together previous clubs. He also worked very well in the Netherlands,” said Cole.

“But, come the Premier League is something completely different. Because in this league, any team could be anything. He will realize how hard it in the Premier League,” said the striker who co-won the treble with Manchester United in the 1999’s.

“When compared with the teams Manchester United earlier, Manchester United earlier is very offensive team, want to score a lot of goals, wants to punish all the team. I think he is aware of it now. If Manchester United had to play as usual, I think we would okay, “he said.

MU actually have recruited a lot of players in the summer for the sake of lifting their achievement. Among the players who came, Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao is the most attention. However, so far Di Maria and Falcao has not been able to meet the expectations of MU fans.

“Di Maria was initially very nice, but then we do not know. The climate, different football. He found him as something very heavy. Meanwhile, Falcao, I still think of it as number 9 in the world. I still consider it a very good player . This is not just heavy for him, but for all the people who were in the club, “said Cole.

“It was a tough transition for anyone who was in the club this season,” he said.