Chelsea complain about lack Penalty Learned This Season

Chelsea complain about lack Penalty Learned This Season

Chelsea complain about lack Penalty Learned This Season

London – This season Chelsea got two penalty kicks. The minimal number of shots obtained fitting 12 makes ‘The Blue’ vent to question a number of court decisions that harm them.

The last time Chelsea got a penalty kick is when they won 2-1 at Queens Park Rangers on November 1. First penalty when a 2-0 win over Arsenal on October 2. The second penalty was executed perfectly by Eden Hazard.

The fact that there is also often make the manager, Jose Mourinho, enraged because he thought the referee biased while leading a match involving Chelsea. Even Mourinho was pointed out that there is a campaign against his team, which then makes it received a fine from the FA.

Chelsea’s last two home games in the league itself draw the series 1-1 while being held by Burnley and Southampton. Incidentally in matches that many adverse Chelsea refereeing decisions, especially against Burnley in which Mourinho called his team should have four penalty.

“We did get a penalty in the last match in the Champions League, when Thiago Silva handball in a restricted area, but in the Champions League referee has made the right decision about the penalty, where we get four penalty in the group phase,” said Chelsea started the article called ‘Penalty Puzzle’ on their official website.

“Of the 28 matches in the Premier League this season, we only get two penalties. Both were executed by the player who most often violated this season, Eden Hazard, and both occurred in the London derby against Arsenal and QPR. The last time we got was 4.5 months ago. Judging from the statistics, it is not reasonable amount, “said the article.

In the past five seasons, not including the 2014/2015 season, Chelsea averages 8.6 penalties per season with the highest number when they were last time league champion, in the 2009/2010 season, with 12 penalty. Last season Mourinho’s protege got seven penalty.

“So obviously with a new two penalties this season, then it is damaging to our records, although we standings and become the second most productive teams, shows that we are a team that attacks and often in the opponent’s penalty box.”

“Two of our nearest competitor in the Premier League this season, Manchester City and Arsenal, both of them have got seven penalty – most in this division. City only scored one goal more than Chelsea and Arsenal just two fewer goals.”

“Last season the two teams who finished above us in the league – Man City and Liverpool – the most penalized compared to other teams below us.”

“Obviously the team against standings will be more careful in their own penalty box. But for us, the case is not like that.”

“Starting from the first round in our first game of the season, at Burnley, some violations in the penalty box did not benefit us. Diego Costa were violated when she was past the goalkeeper at the time. He should also get a penalty against Liverpool and PSG.”

Total Penalty Chelsea in the last six seasons 6

2014/15 – 2

2013/14 – 7

2012/13 – 11

2011/12 – 5

2010/11 – 8

2009/10 – 12