Gerrard and his last Merseyside derby

Gerrard and his last Merseyside derby

Gerrard and his last Merseyside derby

Liverpool – Steven Gerrard Is Merseyside derby will play again in the future will only be answered by time. If not, then last night he was diving last Merseyside derby.

Gerrard, as is known, has decided to go after this season is over. He does not spend his career just for the club, namely Liverpool. Because he and the club agreed not to renew the contract, Gerrard opted to go to the United States to join the LA Galaxy.

Gerrard Gerrard remains. He’s got a great name. His arrival to the Galaxy was greeted warmly, jersey number 8 she would wear was sold at a price which is not cheap, more than 100 million US dollars (approximately USD 1.2 million) on the official website of the Galaxy.

However, before moving on, Gerrard still have work to finish the season with the Reds. There are two things that can at least be achieved with Liverpool: the team passed to the Champions League next season and winning the FA Cup.

Outside of those two, there are important games such as the Merseyside derby takes place overnight, Saturday (7/2). Unfortunately, Gerrard has not scored or contributed assists. Moreover, none, either Liverpool or Everton, who scored that night.

Gerrard has at least two good chances. One in the first round by a free kick, but the Everton goalkeeper Joel Robles, still brushed it off.

In the second half, Gerrard tried their luck with the kick as he flopped. This time, the kick again looked towards goal, but the turn of the goal so as to head Steven Naismith.

Gerrard played 90 minutes in the game. Towards the end of the game, he still managed to get one more chance, but his shot was wide Sturridge utilizing operand.

In the end, if it be a Merseyside derby match last, Gerrard ended without victory. Of 33 match against Everton in all competitions, Gerrard has scored 10 goals and only five times in whom he tasted defeat.

Gerrard is Liverpool’s second top scorer in the Merseyside derby. On it was Ian Rush is incised 25 goals against Everton.

Gerrard, now aged 34 years, underwent his Merseyside derby debut in April 1999. At that time, Liverpool’s 3-2 win over Everton and Gerrard played as a right back.

“I play in your first Merseyside derby,” said the former Liverpool captain Jamie Redknapp, in an interview with The Daily Mail Gerrard recently.

“You came on as a substitute and played as a right. After the game, my father said, ‘Right back-mu’s team may also!’. Then I said, ‘Wait till later he played as a central midfielder!’.”

Hear a statement like that, Gerrard replied with a little remembered: “It was like a kid playing with an adult at the time.”