Pochettino first victory over Mourinho

Pochettino first victory over Mourinho

Pochettino first victory over Mourinho

London Now sit down together as a coach, Mauricio Pochettino never deal with Jose Mourinho many times. Having previously always lose, Pochettino finally felt the joy of victory.

Before Tottenham Hotspur face Chelsea in the Premier League at White Hart Lane on Thursday (01/01/2015), a team of trained Pochettino has seven times against his team Mourinho. The details are Espanyol (vs Real Madrid) four times, Southampton (vs Chelsea) twice, and Tottenham (vs Chelsea) once.

The result is very dispassionate Pochettino. Both Espanyol, Southampton, and Tottenham are always losing team Mourinho, can only grain of goals scored and conceded 22 goals.

However, Pochettino could finally beat Mourinho also. Right on the first day in 2015, performed brilliantly by beating Tottenham 5-3 Chelsea. Pochettino barrage of bad results in the presence of Mourinho was disconnected.

“This (win) the first after a lot of games in the UK and Spain,” said Pochettino about his first victory over Mourinho told Sky Sports.

For me, Mourinho is one of the best managers or best in the world. I’m not happy for myself, but for the team,” he continued.

Mourinho is my friend. But, in the end it is three points,” he said.