Before you go, Gerrard Want 1-2 Trophy and Finish Big Four

Before you go, Gerrard Want 1-2 Trophy and Finish Big Four

Before you go, Gerrard Want 1-2 Trophy and Finish Big Four

Liverpool This season will be the last time Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard in uniform. One or two trophies plus qualify for the Champions League next season will be a sweet parting gift to the captain.

Gerrard has decided to leave the club which he built since the age of 9 years at the end of the season, after his contract was again extended by Liverpool.

This means Gerrard time with the Reds in a matter of less than six months. Although comparatively brief but much can be done and given Gerrard for the club.

One is drove Liverpool to the top of the Premier League, after their poor start this season. Entering 2015, Liverpool is in 8th position with 29 points, seven points with Southampton in the fourth position.

Arguably the championship trophy was almost impossible to come by considering there is a distance 17 points with Chelsea and Manchester City. Therefore finish top four, which means qualifying for the Champions League, there is a realistic target for Gerrard et al.

In addition, Liverpool is still likely to be a champion in three Cup followed the League Cup where they will face Chelsea in the semi-finals, then the Europa League will face Besiktas in the last 32, as well as the FA Cup final in which AFC Wimbledon will be opponent in the third round.

Judging from the position I currently realistically, we still have a chance to finish top four and it is most important to the club for a variety of reasons. It would be a great achievement after our start in the league,” Gerrard told the club’s official website.

But if I want to be selfish, I always wanted a trophy and a medal. That’s what people remember and this club has always wanted to be a champion. It’s about the success and history. Today when you are diving debut in this club, pressure, and responsibility you bear to win a trophy for the sake of a beautiful history, “he continued.

During the 17 years of his professional career at Liverpool, Gerrard already has 10 major trophies plus a trophy Community Shield. The only thing that has not been achieved is the Premier League title.

I‘m used to it and I will live in the remaining six months of this and do their best to grab one or two trophies again,” said the 34-year-old player.