Garcia: Still a Long Way to the Scudetto

Garcia: Still a Long Way to the Scudetto

Garcia: Still a Long Way to the Scudetto

Rome Roma coach Rudi Garcia, believes his team’s way to go for the Scudetto is still long. However, Garcia believes the Giallorossi have the capital to achieve it.

Roma Juventus back into the main challenger in the hunt for the Scudetto this season. The Italian capital club will try to thwart Juve won Serie A four seasons in a row.

Roma currently sit in second place in Serie A with a collection of 36 points from 16 parties. They were within three points of Juve who sits in the top spot.

With 22 games left until the end of the season, Garcia believes there are still many things that can be changed and all the team may have up and down.

The road is still long for everyone and every game is important,” said Garcia was quoted by the Italian Football.

We must do everything to gain as many points as possible and finish in the top 19 other teams at the end of the season,” he added.

By 2015, we should do the same with last year, and that means fighting for the title chase, and win the trophy,” said the Frenchman.

That was the target last year and we have the ability to do it. The difference is that this year we have to win something. We played in three different competitions and we have to fight to the end to be champions,” said Garcia.

After the Christmas holidays over, Rome will face Udinese in Friuli in Serie A, Tuesday (01/06/2015) tomorrow. On the same day, Juve will face Inter Milan.

Tomorrow we will pursue three points. If we were able to achieve it, we will start to see the results of other matches,” said Garcia.