Again and Again Eriksen

Again and Again Eriksen

Again and Again Eriksen

Jakarta – This season Christian Eriksen often help win over Tottenham Hotspur crucial goals in the final game. Back Eriksen did it to the goal Sheffield United and Spurs brought it into the final of the League Cup.

Eriksen feels increasingly vital role for the Spurs. Last season was the appearance Eriksen also fairly okay with donations 12 goals and 16 assists from 41 games in all competitions.

This season more Eriksen shows his role on the field for the Spurs. Not so diligently to make assists (4), now Eriksen replace it with gelontoran goal of the second leg which has now reached 10 goals from 29 appearances.

That means every 228 minutes there Eriksen name on the scoreboard. Note this is only lost to the Spurs top scorer this season, Harry Kane, who made a goal every 118 minutes for a total of 18 goals from 32 appearances.

Goals Eriksen was spelled out very important because there are four goals made in a span above the 87th minute! One of them is the goal against Sheffield in the 88th minute on Thursday (29/1) pm dawn, it is critical to step Spurs qualify for the English League Cup final.

When the position of the middle Spurs trailing 1-2 after two goals Che Adams in the 77th minute and 79th Eriksen dashed advantage of goals in the first half. If the score is to survive the fight must continue to Extra Time and may be the result of different, considering Sheffield is on the upper hand because in a superior position.

Finally, the game ended with a score of 2-2 and Spurs qualify by winning 3-2 on aggregate, to challenge Chelsea in the final on March 1.

In addition to these goals, Eriksen already do it three times before, namely the goal to Hull City in the 90th minute, Swansea City in the 89th minute, and Sunderland in the 88th minute, which is entirely decisive victory over the Spurs with identical scores of 2-1 .

“Sheffield United really gives resistance to us. They become confident to make a goal after the first, then the second goal could be considered lucky but we were able to get up in the end,” Eriksen said as quoted by the BBC.

“This season we’ve often conceded goals easily when in a position of superior and that we should not do it again. Chelsea might want revenge in the final, but I’m looking forward forward to it,” said Eriksen.

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