Juve draw at Three Last Game Not Due to Exhaustion

Juve draw at Three Last Game Not Due to Exhaustion

Juve draw at Three Last Game Not Due to Exhaustion

Turin Juventus just picking a draw in his last three games, so-called because of fatigue. Bianconeri coach Massimiliano Allegri reject this allegation.

Juve did not reap the maximum results in the last three games. Balanced 0-0 with Fiorentina and Atletico Madrid last weekend ‘The Mistressre stuck where this time just picking cons Sampdoria 1-1 draw.

This result is somewhat in contrast with the previous record of six games in which entirely successfully won. Lodging in Serie A, Juventus never even failed to win in two games in a row since the last time in May 2013 ago.

This is believed to decrease in performance due to fatigue Allegri squad, after having to split the focus on the league and the Champions League. But this assumption is directly contradicted by the allenatore. Instead of fatigue, Allegri called his team made some mistakes, for example, in the last game after winning first.

It is not true that the team is exhausted at this point. On Sunday we played one of our best games from a physical standpoint,” he said as quoted by Football Italia.

I think we then made a number of technical errors and suffered too much urgency after a pause the game, especially in the last 20 minutes. It makes the team look as if exhausted,” he added.

But this is clearly not the case, the team is physically located in a very good condition, especially when you consider that the game on Sunday is the best physical performance throughout the first half of the season. It was one of our best games, only in second place after the match against Olympiakos, “said the former coach of AC Milan.