Chelsea Terry Will Give New Contract

Chelsea Terry Will Give New Contract

Chelsea Terry Will Give New Contract

London John Terry is still an important figure for Chelsea squad that is now being inhabited by many young players. Therefore, the Blues were preparing a new contract for the captain.

Terry, has more than 10 years of blueblue uniform, and will be entering the final year of his contract next summer. By the age of 34 years who had stepped on, Terry is one of the most senior players in Chelsea.

Chelsea have a policy related contracts for players over 30 years in which they may only be extended annually. It is also a time to make the future of Terry began speculated.

However, Chelsea apparently do not want to lose Terry is referred to as a role model for other players. Therefore the new contract would be offered to Terry in the near future.

It was just a formality. There is no doubt that he will get a new contract again. I knew it, he was well know,” said Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, as quoted by Soccernet.

We were all there in the clubs, officials, we know it and I think you all know it too. Without confirmed to us also, you all already know well,” he continued.

He is a very important player for this team, so sooner or later there will be a new contract,” said Mourinho.

This season Terry has appeared 25 times in all competitions with a donation of 4 goals and 2 assists.