Word Utina: Time for the Young-Young Replaces Us

Word Utina: Time for the YoungYoung Replaces Us

Word Utina: Time for the Young-Young Replaces Us

Taruhan Judi Bola – Game Indonesia Laos counter overnight already aware captain ‘Red and White‘, Word Utina, that it is time for regeneration in the team. Now is the time Evan Dimas et al. to shine in the senior team.

In the last match of Group A AFF Suzuki Cup 2014, Indonesia has successfully conquered Laos 5-1. Despite the win, the team Red and White still failed to advance to the semifinals because only finished in third place with 4 points.

However the game was a glimmer of hope after the decision raises Alfred Riedl lower number of young players, which in the first two games just to sit on the bench. They are Evan Dimas and Ramdani Lestaluhu.

Second appearance wowed players, especially Evan Dimas who had been waiting for since the beginning of its presence in the starting eleven Indonesia.

Evan Dimas make one goal and one assist, and able to be a regulator of the game are okay in midfield. While Ramdani duty to make two of the five goals wins squad Garuda‘.

The presence of both was to make the game different. If the match against the Philippines, more visible national team play long passes, but against Laos is dominated by short balls.

Word that is not derived as a starter since the early minutes, said he was happy to see the appearance of his colleagues who are still young. He calls it was time no alternation of generations of players, from his generation to generation Evan Dimas, Ramdani, and Manahati Lestusen.

Especially in the AFF Cup this year, Indonesia including the team with the average age of the oldest (around 28-29 years) than other teams.

The young players, they are better prepared. Better it is time they were given the time now,” said a brief word.

When asked if he intends to retire from the national team? The 33-year-old replied, “We’ll see, but I think I had enough,” completion.