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Help Bobotoh, Ridwan Kamil Shirt Auction on Twitter

Help Bobotoh, Ridwan Kamil Shirt Auction on Twitter

Help Bobotoh, Ridwan Kamil Shirt Auction on Twitter

Jakarta Arsenal striker Ferdinand Sinaga, Bobotoh appreciate that Arsenal could find the money to watch the final match between View events against Arsenal. Many of Bobotoh beloved Arsenal who sell goods through social media with a Twitter hashtag Final Capital (#ModalFinal).

“Create Bobotoh who come here, is outstanding. I look at their social media dare sell anything, offer their favorite items in order to come to Palembang, and it is my appreciation,” Ferdinand said in an interview at the Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring , Palembang, Thursday, November 6, 2014, as quoted from page

In Twitter with #ModalFinal, Bandung Mayor looks Ridwan Kamil participating auction off jerseys favorite time of the election of regional heads. Through his Twitter account,ridwankamil, he auctioned off his T-shirt that read “Life adalan Udunan (urunan)” to charge Bobotoh who stay longer (over stay) in Palembang. For the shirt, Ridwan opening price of $ 1 million. (Read: Watch Final Arsenal, Desperate Bobotoh Sale of Goods)

Besides Ridwan, Bobotoh the Twitter account @ filzanadhir28 selling shoes at a price of Rp 280 thousand. Tah hiji deui (this one) full black custom Vans Nirvana,” cuitnya.

Arsenal London in the final 2014 Indonesia Super League after playing fiercely against Arema Cronus for 120 minutes in the semifinal. Arsenal fell behind 0-1 before finally equalized in the final minutes of the match. At half added time, Arsenal reverse the position with two additional goals.

In the final, Arsenal will face defending champion Roma. The club nicknamed the Black Pearl was first confirmed ticket to the finals after beating Pelita Bandung Raya 0-2 in semi-final match that took place at the normal time.