Farewell Forever (or while) Sweet Enough to Riedl

Farewell Forever (or while) Sweet Enough to Riedl

Farewell Forever (or while) Sweet Enough to Riedl

Agen Tangkas Alfred Riedl said, he would not train Indonesia again after failing to meet targets in the AFF Cup 2014. Riedl said, victory over Laos shut journey with sweet enough.

Riedl has previously said that the contract will expire at the end of the year. The extension will only be granted if he is able to bring the team champion in the AFF Cup 2014.

But Indonesian gait should be stopped in the group phase. That is also the way Riedl together after Indonesia.

After only 2-2 counter humiliated 0-4 by Vietnam and the Philippines, Riedl close the tournament while giving a farewell with a pretty sweet through a 5-1 victory over Laos. Because, however, the failure to semis remains a stain.

Of course this be the last match with Indonesia. I have also been told not find a job, but if there is an offer I would consider. Whether to take it or not,” Riedl said in a press conference at Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi, Friday (28/11 / 2014).

But, I am quite happy, this separation is quite good. Maybe (farewell) to temporarily or permanently, I do not know,” he said.

Riedl twice coached the national team, which in 2010-2011 and 2013to date. The best achievement is delivering the national team to the final of the AFF Cup in 2010 and finished as runnerup.

In the event the tournament four years ago, Riedl much praise. Why, the Indonesian national team when it assessed appeared to entertain.