De Gea: Valdes Is Here Not to Be My Successor

De Gea: Valdes Is Here Not to Be My Successor

De Gea: Valdes Is Here Not to Be My Successor

Agen Online The presence of Victor Valdes in Manchester United’s training facility raises rumors: Valdes will be contracted to replace David De Gea. However, De Gea has denied the rumors.

Valdes was given the opportunity by the United manager, Louis van Gaal, to practice and recover from a knee ligament injury that smothered him in recent months. So far, there has been no discussion related to a contract between Valdes and the United camp.

However, some of the British media and Spain mentioned that there are in the United Valdes precaution if De Gea left. However, De Gea himself denied this. He calls, Valdes was not there in the United to be his successor.

Yes, my contract is until 2016. But, he is not here to be the successor,” said De Gea to the US.

Victor had a pretty serious injury and he experienced periods of less favorable. Our boss knew him well and he gave it a chance to recover here.”

Victor is being practiced in Manchester, he has not reached the level of 100% fitness after injury. When he is completely recovered, he will train with us.”

He has not practiced under the crossbar with us. From time to time he practiced with the goalkeeping coach, but it was only briefly.”