Valdes Reportedly Will Join Liverpool

Valdes Reportedly Will Join Liverpool

Valdes Reportedly Will Join Liverpool

Liverpool In the near future Liverpool rumored to be coming one of the top players. The player is former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, who are said to be joined next month.

Valdes is currently in the process of recovery of a knee ligament injury he suffered earlier this year and made ​​him miss the World Cup. His status was now a free agent after failing to renew his contract at Barca.

Liverpool goalkeeper who reported seeking interested in Valdes. With a myriad of experiences with Barca and Spain, Valdes will be obvious competitors are okay for Simon Mignolet and also recruits outstanding for Liverpool.

However, as reported by the Mirror, Liverpool does not want to rush to sign Valdes considering he was in a condition not fit after injury. Then it’s the Reds to wait until October to see the development of the condition Valdes.

If it is okay then Liverpool have prepared a contract duration of one season to the player La Masia academy graduate, who is also the former classmates of their goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

However Liverpool are also obliged to notify the authorities of the Premier League if it wants to sign Valdes. Although a free transfer, but the move occurs when the stock buying and selling has been closed.

Valdes signed permission can be obtained if Liverpool had a slot for the registration of players, which they have since yesterday a new Merseyside club registered 19 senior players from a total maximum of 25.

It’s been so Brendan Rodgers‘s side was also matter of quota eligible nonhomegrown players (players are not training academy before the age of 21 years), since they only had 9 of the maximum 17.