Make maneuver Hamilton Rosberg Confused Mix Upset

Make maneuver Hamilton Rosberg Confused Mix Upset

Make maneuver Hamilton Rosberg Confused Mix Upset

Francorchamps Lewis Hamilton confused and upset by the action of teammate at Mercedes, Nico Rosberg, in the Belgian Grand Prix race. He could not understand why Rosberg maneuver that ended up harming the team.

Hamilton and Rosberg’s car bumped during the race at SpaFrancorchamps, Sunday (24/08/2014), has just entered the second lap. When two riders are in a position onetwo, front wing Rosberg nudged Hamilton left rear tire in a corner.

The incident made ​​a Hamilton car tire leak and British driver was unable to continue the race. Meanwhile, Rosberg had to go into the pit because his car needed repairs.

If Hamilton failed to finish, Rosberg fared better. He was still able to race again and eventually finish second behind Daniel Ricciardo.

I do not really understand what happened. I felt a hard impact on the back,” Hamilton said in Autosport.

I give him space, I do not really understand,” he said.

It’s really disappointing, for the result and for all my team.’s Not good for the team. We could easily finish onetwo,” said Hamilton.

After the race, the Mercedes team meeting followed by Hamilton, Rosberg, and some team officials. Hamilton said that in the meeting Rosberg admitted accidentally nudged his car.

We had a meeting to discuss about it and he basically said that he did it on purpose,” said Hamilton.

He said that he could only avoid scratching. He said ‘I did it to prove something‘,” he added.

And you do not just ask me. Talk to Toto (Wolff) and Paddy (Lowe) were also not happy with the action,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton asserted himself completely innocent in the incident because he was in front and stay on track racing.

You know, and you can ask to Fernando (Alonso) and all the riders, when a car that is still less than half is on your side and you are on the path, it is your race track,” he said.