Kingsley Coman Select Juve because Feeling Trust

Kingsley Coman Select Juve because Feeling Trust

Kingsley Coman Select Juve because Feeling Trust

Turin Kingsley Coman is a relatively unfamiliar name in the ears of football fans. Appearance in the Juventus starting XI in the first giornata Serie A this season is enough to make people ask: Who Kingsley Coman?

Coman was young, he was only 18 years old. However, with his status as a member of the U21 French national team, ability to be dosed at least Coman; he’s got potential.

In the first game of the season against Chievo, Coman selected Massimiliano Allegri get into the starting XI. The result? Coman assessed the performance is not bad.

He played for 68 minutes before being replaced by a more senior striker, Fernando Llorente.

Throughout the game, recorded Coman releasing four attempts to score a goal, but only one of them is right on target. After all, this is not a bad record for a player aged 18 years who were undergoing debut.

With speed and his dribbling ability, Coman make Juve front line have different options. Coman commonly operate in front of the opponent’s penalty box, before finally darted in to receiving feedback breakthrough.

How much money is being spent to get Coman Juve? None or free.

Coman contract with his previous club, Paris SaintGermain, Juve came finished and offered him a contract for five years. Coman himself felt that he was better able to evolve with the Bianconeri developed with PSG crowded than star players.

PSG have a great squad., But, if you are a young player, it is likely you will be sidelined,” said Coman told Canal Plus.

I was seen as by their talented young players, but unlike other players there.”

They’ve watched me when I decided to go and it was already quite late. Juventus, on the other hand, have expressed their interest to offer me a five-year contract,” said Coman.

Coman said he did not expect given his debut as a starter by Allegri in the first game of the season. Although shocked, Coman admitted he remains focused.

I never thought I would be a starter in the first game., But, because it was my character, I was able to stay calm.”